Espressonista is a restaurant fully run and operated by its creators Zoltan Puzsar and Andres Lazar.  When we opened our doors we envisioned serving specialty coffee, given that Nicaragua yields superb beans. Quite literally, when we were on the road to meet the coffee farmers we came across artisan cheese makers, ham smokers, organic farmers, craftbeer brewers and livestock farmers dedicated to excellence.  We thought, hmmm we can certainly put a menu together. And what better way to showcase the Nicaraguan experience than through its produce?

Espressonista is the result of many people's work and commitment to excellence. Whether we're talking about Charles Reed's smoked ham, Victoria Kuhl's camembert, or Agapito's mustard greens and asparagus, whatever makes its way to our tables is nothing short of vibrant, flavorful and full of life.

We hope you can join us to celebrate their harvest.